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About Khyber Pass

It was 1984, and Zia, then young and full of life, had just fled his native land of Afghanistan, with his wife and two kids. After failing to continue his previous job with Interpol in the states, he left his law enforcement education behind, and decided to take his hobby to the next level. He purchased a small taco shop called 'La Casa del Taco' from another Afghan refugee. The shop had two burners, and one sink. Zia worked the kitchen, and his wife Angela worked the front of the house. For six years they struggled, the kids would do their homework there after school, and the guests would even help Angela in the front of the house when she felt overwhelmed. Zia and Angela had never even opened a bottle of wine before opening Khyber Pass and moving to this country. It was a true story of struggle and some chance or not so chance meetings with some very special guests. 

Six years into the first iteration of Khyber Pass, with only two burners and still no dish washer, Zia received a check in the mail from a generous customer, Steve, telling him to take this money and purchase the stoves and oven he needed for his kitchen. Being that there's a cultural gap, Zia took this gesture as disrespectful at first, and was angry that Steve thought Zia needed the charity; but after Angela calmed him down, explained to him the generosity and heart that Steve gave such a gift with, Zia gladly took Steve's gift. In return, Zia and Angela have always catered personally for Steve's business and family dinners. 

Since that day, Zia and Angela have opened up there current location in Hillcrest. They've been one of the staples in this community since 2000. Zia hopes to run this restaurant until he can't run anymore, so thank you for the support, and we hope to continue to cater to all of our guests.

What You Need to Know


Our service staff has been with us for almost 20 years, some for almost 25. Yes, service suffers with an aging staff, but loyalty is everything to an Afghan, so we don't part with loyal employees just because they've lost a step or two.


The owner is the original chef and still gets in the kitchen at 75 years young, and has a young Afghan chef straight from Kabul that has taken over the past few years.


We are not trendy, we've been in the game for 33 years, but we do have some local craft beer available lol. And, despite having sourced all-natural lean beef, pasture-raised lamb, wild caught fish, and free-range chicken for some time, we recently realized we should probably advertise that about ourselves.